Note: FitnessAI's included rest timer now automatically calculates optimal rest times

How much time should I rest between sets?

The simple answer is anywhere from 45s to 90s.

What if I need LESS than 45s of rest?

This just means the weight is too light for you. I would manually increase the weight by 5-10lbs, and restart that exercise.

What if I need MORE than 90s of rest?

This is a tricky question. There are two situations you could be in.

  1. You rested 90s and can't even complete 1 rep — just lower the weight manually by 5-10lbs and finish logging your workout. FitnessAI will adjust for next time.
  2. You rested 90s and can't complete your goal of X reps — failure is part of the game! Whatever you do — ( 1 ) do not take extra rest and ( 2 ) don't lower the weight. FitnessAI needs to know you aren't quite getting the number of reps its giving you so that it can auto-adjust and build strength for next time. This is essential to building strength — never be ashamed of logging less reps than you were set out to complete!

Remember: You probably wont have to manually set the weight of an exercise more than once — FitnessAI will automatically increase and or decrease the weight for you by the perfect amount, but only once your starting weights are in line with your ability.

Happy Lifting 💪

— Jake

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